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8 thoughts on “ I Dont Want You - Beautiful Drowning - Somewhere Down This Rocky Road (CD, Album)

  1. But somewhere down the road I know that heart of yours Will come to see That you belong with me Sometimes goodbyes are not forever It doesn't matter if you're gone I still believe in us together I understand more than you think I can You have to go out on your own So you can find your way back home And somewhere down the road Our roads are.
  2. As I go down this road, oh down this road Got my apartment on the 17th floor Livin' off coffee and the promise of more Seems I've forgotten what all this livin' is for But I'm coming home, just a small town girl And I roll down my window, let the sunshine in Smile at the creek where I had my first kiss No matter where I go there's always happiness.
  3. Down the road Now down the street from here There's an engineer with an only son And our baby girl says She believes that he is the only one Down the road Her momma wants to know Is he washed in the blood or just in the water And I wanna know That he makes enough to take my daughter Down the road When it comes time to go Down the road Down the.
  4. Down the road, down the road Got a little pretty girl down the road Down the road, down the road Got a little pretty girl down the road Mountain pass Well, I'm runnin' down this mountain pass at midnight Those truckers they all flash their lights at me This highway ain't the very best companion â€~Cause I know there's somewhere else I'd.
  5. Somewhere down the road There's a restless wind blowin' that I need to ride And I ain't sure I'll ever have a home I'm just standin' at another place where roads divide So hold me close tonight, 'cause tomorrow I'll be gone Somewhere down the road There's a place for me I ain't ever been Tears may fill my eyes when I go But my heart seems to be.
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  7. Somewhere Down The Road Our roads are gonna cross again. It doesn't really matter when But Somewhere Down The Road I know that heart of yours will come to see That you belong with me Letting go is just another way to say I'll always love you so We had the right love At the wrong time Maybe we've only just begun Maybe the best is yet to come.
  8. The one thing that you held so dear Is slipping from your hands And you say. Why, why, why Does it go this way Why, why, why And all I can say is [Chorus:] Somewhere down the road There’ll be answers to the questions Somewhere down the road Though we cannot see it now Somewhere down the road You will find mighty arms reaching for you.

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