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5 thoughts on “ Until Death Overtakes Me - For (File)

  1. Until Death Overtakes Me – Funeral Path (Funeral Doom Drone from Belgium, GS Productions) July 12 th. Luna – Luna (Symphonic Funeral Doom Death from Ukraine, Solitude Productions) July 20 th. Inframonolithium “The Lightless (Funeral Doom Drone from Belgium, Endless Winter) August 15 th. Lost Hours – IV: The Silence of the Perpetual.
  2. Until Death Overtakes Me is the ambient funeral doom project of Belgian musician Stijn van Cauter. UDOM, as the project is often called, brings unconpromisingly slow funeral doom metal, mixed with bleak ambient. The music is based on crushing riffs, timpani, keyboards, deep growls and wailing lead guitar.
  3. UDOM, short for Until Death Overtakes Me, is one of the originals which inspire many new drone an funeral doom artists of the more melodic kind. Noteworthy, the album is part one of the symphony series, yet it was released after symphony II. Originally this album was a demo which only saw three copies, but as it is the beginning of the symphony.
  4. Through 4 tracks mixing funeral doom with ambient and darkwave Until Death Overtakes Me explores the idea of life being incomplete unless it passes death s threshold Antemortem before death is not a glorification of death but focusses on the path to it Life with its pains and terrors might long for.
  5. Until Death Overtakes Me And Be No More (Album) 2 versions Not On Label (Until Death Overtakes Me Self-released).

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