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  1. Type: Indica/Sativa Aroma/Flavor: This strain smells lightly of a cheesy funk with a sweet ripe finish. You'll enjoy fresh flavors of berries and earthen sugarcane. Typical Effects: Purple Cadillac provides an incredible range of effects. It quickly adds focus and a sense of creativity to any daytime activity.
  2. Organica is an organic food development and distribution system. 80% of our products are certified organic by USDA, EU, from both domestic and foreign suppliers. The rest 20% includes natural products and regional specialties in Vietnam.
  3. For the last 16 years, I have had trouble going to sleep I used [Organica] the first night after it came in, and Praise God, I was asleep within 5 minutes!The smell is wonderful and calming to me.
  4. The statements made on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products featured are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  5. Organica Aesthetics The Salons @ Ranch Suite K E Whitestone Blvd. Bldg. O Cedar Park, TX () Located behind Target at .
  6. NATURAL ORGANICA: At Organica we pride ourselves on creating incredible products. Dream Lotion includes a comprehensive natural blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Cedarwood to help ease you into calm relaxation or deep slumber. QUICK & DEEPER SLEEP: Our ingredients work synergistically to put you into a deeper, more restful slumber faster.4/4().
  7. Usage disclaimer: The information pertaining to any marketing materials by Sabinsa, is for general purposes only. Users are urged to check the validity of patents .
  8. Organica Supplements. We offer Organica Brand Supplements which use the highest quality ingredients, are packed in amber bottles for full potency protection and are 30% off daily. You can find a full range of national supplements and friendly knowledgable staff to help find what’s best.

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