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9 thoughts on “ Lip Service

  1. Lip service definition: If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are critical of them because | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. lip service definition: 1. to say that you agree with something but do nothing to support it: 2. to say that you agree. Learn more.
  3. Jun 22,  · Lip service definition is - an avowal of advocacy, adherence, or allegiance expressed in words but not backed by deeds —usually used with pay. How to use lip service in a sentence.
  4. Lip service synonyms and Lip service antonyms. Top synonym for lip service (another word for lip service) is hypocrisy.
  5. Allison (Sybil Temchen) and Kat (Jami Gertz) roomed together in college. Now, Allison has a near-perfect life as a popular furniture designer, while Kat has turned into a streetwise drug addict Category: Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Special Interest.
  6. To just say something but not actually do it. To pretend that you believe a certain thing but not practice that belief.
  7. Definition of pay lip service in the Idioms Dictionary. pay lip service phrase. What does pay lip service expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  8. Lip Service Meaning. Definition: A disingenuous expression of support. Origin of Lip Service. Both the Old and New Testaments contain references to honoring God or Jesus only with one’s lips. In other words, followers would say with their mouths that they are followers of .
  9. Lip Service book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. My new neighbor is an online sex advice vlogger — but she doesn’t know /5.

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